Board of Directors

The directors are:

  • Bruce Perens, President, bruce at perens dot com — Bruce is one of the founders of the Open Source movement in Software.
  • Michelle Thompson, Secretary and Treasurer, mountain.michelle at gmail dot com —Michelle Thompson W5NYV enjoys thinking and doing. Not necessary in that order. MSEE Information Theory from USC. Long-time DEFCON, Burning Man, and ham conference participant. Lead for Open Research Institute’s Phase 4 Program serving AMSAT ( Lead for Organ Donor, an artificially intelligent touring pipe organ. Currently organizing the San Diego Information Theory Chapter for IEEE. Lives in San Diego, CA and can be found as @abraxas3d on social media.
  • Ben Hilburn, bhilburn at gmail dot com — Ben loves open-source software, science, and communities.

The Board of Directors is presently self-electing and constitutes the entire voting membership for purposes of elections. This is to reduce politics and maintain a consistent direction for the organization over time, which is especially necessary during the initial years of its formation.

All other participants are granted Associate Membership for the purpose of being protected by ORI’s corporate shield, and do not have voting privileges.